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KOOSA Kids After School & Breakfast Club children are Celebrating Heroes Who Help Us this half term!
After School Club, Breakfast Club 24/12/2019

Celebrating Heroes Who Help Us!

Happy New Year and welcome back to KOOSA Kids After School & Breakfast Club. We hope you had a lovely Christmas spending quality time with family & friends. The New Year brings new opportunities and new inspirations. At KOOSA Kids after school clubs & breakfast clubs, we’re starting off the new year celebrating all the Heroes Who Help Us. There are so many everyday heroes around us who help us in little and big ways, this half term we will be working with the children to recognise & celebrate them, including mums & dads, bus drivers, dentists, chefs, doctors, mechanics, teachers and of course the police to name only a few.We will be encouraging the children at KOOSA Kids to use their imaginations and expand their knowledge further through a wide range of activities and crafts. Our After School Club KOOSA Kids can look forward to some of the following:

  • Wallace & Gromit ‘Cracking Ideas’ Competition – National Inventors Day (11th Feb) is a significant milestone in the history of manmade objects as this is the birthday of Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors in history. For children there are 2 iconic inventors, creating bizarre inventions that help them in their everyday life – Wallace & Gromit! This half term, all our after school club KOOSA Kids will get their chance to create their very own wild and whacky inventions within their club and take part in the Wallace & Gromit ‘Cracking Ideas’ Competition, organised by Aardman & the Intellectual Property Office.
  • Playing Head Chef – Chefs have to give instructions to their team constantly within the burning heat of the kitchen, in the hope that their dishes come out as expected. The cooks within a chef’s kitchen have to be good at listening & following instructions clearly while keeping their cool under pressure. Practise your Chef’s skills & keep your cooks busy with this fun game!
  • Thank You Postman & Women – Where would we be without our trusty postmen & women?! They have most definitely helped us over the Christmas period by allowing us to send letters to Santa & cards to our friends & family. Create your very own postman or woman with this art & craft activity.
  • Forensic Fingerprints – Police help to keep our streets & neighbourhoods as safe as possible! They are able to identify people based on their fingerprints. With this activity, KOOSA Kids will put their police & detective hats on to create fingerprint worksheets and spot similar & different fingerprints.
  • Create Your own Driving License – Bus and taxi drivers help us all out, they allow us to get from one place to another if we can’t get there ourselves. What do they all need to fulfil this role? A driving license!

and many more games & activities!

Dates for your diary:

  • Monday 6th January - National Birdwatch Day 
  • Saturday 18th January - Winnie the Pooh Day  
  • Monday 20th January - Martin Luther King Jr Day 
  • Saturday 25th January - Chinese New Year & Burns Night
  • Monday 27th January - Australia Day 
  • Saturday 1st February - National Get Up Day 
  • Monday 3rd to Friday 7th February - Children’s Mental Health Week ‘Find Your Brave’
  • Tuesday 4th February - National Thank a Mail Carrier Day  
  • Sunday 9th February - National Toothache Day  
  • Tuesday 11th February - National Inventors Day  
  • Friday 14th February - Valentine’s Day 

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Best wishes,KOOSA Kids

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