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KOOSA Kids Achieve 6 Successful Ofsted inspections in 4 weeks under the new Early Years Inspection Framework!
After School Club, Breakfast Club, Holiday Club 08/01/2020

KOOSA Kids Achieve 6 Successful Ofsted Inspections

KOOSA Kids Achieve 6 Successful Ofsted inspections in 4 weeks under the new Early Years Inspection Framework!

During the busy pre-Christmas period, KOOSA Kids hosted 6 Ofsted inspections in a 4-week period. All 6 after school clubs were inspected under the new Early Years Inspection Framework, which was implemented by Ofsted in September 2019.

As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, all KOOSA Kids provision adheres to all Ofsted regulations and our clubs are regularly inspected. In September 2019, Ofsted changed the way it inspects out of school childcare providers. The Early Years Foundation Stage and General Childcare Register framework remain the same but the inspection criteria KOOSA Kids have to meet has changed. As a result, the inspection outcomes have changed as well. 

Previous Ofsted Inspection OutcomesNew Ofsted Inspection Outcomes


‘Met’ -New highest possible inspection outcome, theoretically equal to an ‘Outstanding’ / ‘Good’ outcome.

‘Requires Improvement’‘Not Met with Actions’
‘Inadequate’‘Not Met with Enforcement’


We are delighted to share that the Ofsted inspections for each of the following KOOSA Kids clubs received the highest grade possible ‘Ofsted Met’:

Under the new Early Years Inspection Framework, providers who exclusively provide after school club, breakfast club or holiday club childcare are judged upon the following criteria: Quality of Education, Behaviour & Attitudes, Personal Development and Leadership & Management 

Ultimately each of these four outcomes contribute to an overall judgement that demonstrates that the out of school provider has ‘met’ Ofsted’s Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements. 

A ‘Met’ outcome should serve as a strong indicator to parents that the particular setting is high quality, welcoming and offers children a safe and stimulating environment where children are able to grow in confidence. 

KOOSA Kids have always been, and remain committed to, delivering the highest level of childcare and our practice will continue to be based on delivering to the expected Outstanding inspection criteria.

We are proud to share some of the fantastic feedback our teams have received from Ofsted. Please find below extracts from the various Ofsted Inspection Reports. We would highly recommend reading the reports in full to get a really good feel for the fantastic work the club staff do with the children in our care. You can do so by clicking on the relevant links for each club below:

Ofsted Inspection Report Alderwood Infant after school club:

  • Children are very aware of the routine of the club & behave well. They form strong bonds with the staff and animatedly talk to them. Staff listen to them & take a real interest in what they are saying, encouraging them to share more details.
  • Staff carefully observe and support children, especially the younger ones and those new to the club. They have high expectations of children and encourage them to make their own decisions and resolve minor conflicts for themselves. They sensitively build on children's strong sense of belonging and emotional well-being.
  • The staff have a good knowledge of children's individual needs and personalities. They are sensitive to children's feelings and know when they need space or time to themselves. Staff positively build on children's self-esteem and meet their needs well.

Ofsted Inspection Report Crookham Junior breakfast club & after school club:

  • Children excitedly enter the club after a busy day at school. They are confident and self-assured and show respectful bonds with all members of the team. Staff carefully observe and support children to help them to build a strong sense of belonging and emotional well-being.
  • Staff are good role models, who show children respect and use consistent boundaries to help children to understand their expectations. Children are kind, patient and show high levels of empathy.
  • Partnerships with parents & schools are effective. Parents are fully included in their child's enjoyment at club from the very beginning. The headteacher of the school in which the club is situated, has a high regard for the professional way in which the club is run and monitored by the owners and the leadership team.

Ofsted Inspection Report Four Marks after school club:

  • Children settle well. They arrive at the club with enthusiasm and show good relationships with staff. Children of all ages immediately engage in activities of interest alongside their friends and clearly get on very well. Staff treat children as unique individuals. They regularly consult them & their views are thoroughly valued. For example, staff adapt activities to reflect on the ideas of children. This is demonstrated as children make independent choices and think about the different Christmas characters they would like to create. Children are happy and enjoy the freedom staff give them to independently explore the experiences on offer.
  • Staff's interactions with children are of a high quality. They join in children's play, have meaningful discussions and encourage children to share their ideas.

Ofsted Inspection Report Hook Infants breakfast club, after school club & holiday club:

  • Staff offer children an interesting environment with a wide range of activities to enjoy after their school day. They spend time getting to know children and their families during the settling-in period and consequently children are confident individuals. The older children support younger children to settle in well and sensitively ensure they are included in what they are doing. This has a very positive impact on children's emotional well-being.
  • The supervisor works highly effectively alongside the staff team and leads the club with passion and determination. Since being in her role she has created a highly inclusive ethos and treats all children as unique individuals. In addition, she has enhanced the play experiences that they provide for children. Consequently, children thoroughly enjoy their time at the club and everywhere you look they are focused and engaged in play.
  • Parents were keen to speak to the inspector during the inspection. All expressed praise for the quality of activities and care they feel their children receive from every member of the staff team.

Ofsted Inspection Report Knaphill Lower Breakfast Club, After School Club & Holiday Club:

  • Children happily arrive at the club and quickly settle down to playing. The leadership team and staff effectively create a safe and welcoming environment for children. Staff listen to children's ideas and are good role models for them. They are sensitive to children's feelings and provide them with consistent messages. This helps children to manage their emotions and to resolve their own conflicts during games.
  • Staff are enthusiastic and join in well with children's play and activities. During imaginative play with pretend food staff ask children probing questions. They encourage them to use their mathematical skills to count the items used. This helps to complement children's learning at school and supports their thinking skills.
  • Staff support younger children's emotional welfare effectively. They are very attentive to children's needs and provide reassurance as necessary. This helps children to develop a sense of belonging at the club. Children enjoy spending time with each other and form good friendships.

Ofsted Inspection Report St. Joseph’s Breakfast Club, After School Club & Holiday Club:

  • Children enjoy their time at this welcoming, well-run club. They arrive happily after school and quickly settle into the daily routine. Children engage well in both planned activities and self-chosen play. Children are happy and have strong social skills.
  • Children behave well, are kind and respectful. They show care and concern for others. For instance, older children eagerly take responsibility for helping their younger friends take turns, while playing board games. Staff are good role models. They reinforce their expectations and the boundaries well.
  • Parents speak highly of the quality of service provided by staff. They say that they feel confident that their children are happy and safe while at the club. Children show a strong sense of belonging.
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