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Monday 20 June 2016 - Why is Ofsted so Important for Out of School and Holiday Clubs?

Did you know that the majority of out of school clubs and holiday schemes must be registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)? if care is provided for more than two hours in any day, for more than five days a year, then a club or camp must be registered with Ofsted before it is able to operate.  This is not optional, it is a legal requirement.

The role of Ofsted is to check that the out of school or holiday club meets the standards for health and safety, equipment, care, learning and play. They will also check that staff have a disclosure and barring check, previously known as criminal records bureau check. Following registration, Ofsted will inspect the out of school club or holiday scheme every three years, these reports are available to parents to read in full via the Ofsted website

Would you send your child to a school without first checking its Ofsted report?  Probably not, yet few people check or are even aware that they should be checking the report of an out of school or holiday club when making a decision on where to send their child, especially for what can run into several weeks during the long summer holidays.

At KOOSA Kids we take the responsibilities Ofsted expect of us extremely seriously.  We are incredibly proud of our Ofsted inspection record and in 2015 five KOOSA Kids clubs were awarded Ofsted’s highest rating, ‘Outstanding’.  This places KOOSA Kids at the forefront of providing high quality out of school and holiday club childcare in the UK.

When choosing your child’s holiday club this summer, whether for essential childcare or just a fun day out, we recommend taking the time to visit and reviewing potential providers before making a decision where to send your child.

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