KOOSA Kids Breakfast Club FAQs

Please browse the frequently asked questions for our Breakfast Clubs below.

Booking your breakfast club sessions is very easy! Simply log into your account and follow the easy to navigate bookings steps. If you have not used KOOSA Kids before, you will need to register for an account and provide us with all the relevant information requested. You will only have to do this once. 

Alternatively, please call us on 01276 21884 and we will be happy to register your account and take your booking over the phone. You can contact us by phone from 9.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Bookings can be made up to 1pm the working day before you need them or, if you require childcare on a more permanent basis, we can set up an agreement for you to guarantee your sessions each week. Click here for more information.

From September 2021, KOOSA Kids breakfast clubs and after school clubs will continue to operate with the COVID-19 Protective Measures as set out by the Department for Education. This will include enhanced cleaning protocols, a focus on ventilation, as well as encouraging good hand hygiene for staff and children, promoting the 'Catch It, Bin It, Kill It' guidance and providing CO2 monitors to all state-funded education settings to monitor ventilation. 

KOOSA Kids take the health and wellbeing of the children in our care, and that of our staff, extremely seriously. All our clubs will follow the clear & workable sector-specific guidance provided by the Department for Education to continue operating in a safe & Covid-Secure way. 

Below you will find some of the protective measures that will be in place across all our clubs from September:

  • We have introduced greatly enhanced daily cleaning routines, including regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.
  • We will be promoting good hygiene practices with children and staff to include frequent hand washing and adopting the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' approach.
  • The activities and resources provided will be adapted for hygiene reasons and ease of cleaning.
  • Where the weather allows, staff and children will spend as much time outside as possible.
  • CO2 monitors will be provided to all state-funded education settings and Out of School Clubs from September 2021, so staff can quickly identify where ventilation needs to be improved. KOOSA Kids track CO2 levels and take appropriate action when required.

We will be returning to our usual (pre-COVID) collection process from September 2021, meaning parents can drop off their child at a time that suits them (see individual club pages for opening times for your specific breakfast club). Please note breakfast is served for the first 20 minutes only. 

Covid-Secure – Book with Confidence

We recognise that the past eighteen months have been extremely challenging for everyone and although we are now all experiencing a period of relative normality, we further recognise that the coming months ahead are likely to remain uncertain. With this in mind we, are pleased to introduce our Term-Time Book with Confidence guarantee. 

Until further notice, we will guarantee that you will be able to book/pay for your breakfast or after school club sessions, safe in the knowledge that if for reasons beyond our control, your chosen club is unable to open for more than 5 consecutive days, we will provide you with a credit note for any future sessions, that remain cancelled/closed.

Our normal terms and conditions will continue to apply for everything other than enforced closure due to Covid-19.

Please do not send your child in if they are unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever or high temperature; a new & continuous cough or a loss, or change of, smell or taste. Please stay at home and visit www.nhs.uk for further information and advice on how to get tested.

If your child becomes ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 whilst in our care, you will be informed as soon as possible and asked to collect your child. Your child will be isolated away from other children and KOOSA Kids staff will wear appropriate PPE when required, as recommended by Public Health England.

If a child, or member of staff, tests positive for COVID-19, all relevant government and Public Health England guidance will be followed.

You are able to book your breakfast club sessions on a half termly basis. When the dates for the next half term have been released, simply log into your account and you can book all the dates you require in one go, subject to availability. Alternatively, you can call us on 01276 21884 to book your sessions over the phone. Our phone lines are open 9:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

If you require the same sessions on an ongoing basis, we can set up an agreement for you which guarantees your session on an ongoing basis. Please call our Bookings Team on 01276 21884 for more information.

Yes we can! Bookings for our breakfast clubs can be made by 1pm the working day before you need them, or if you require childcare on an ongoing basis, for the same days each week, we can set up a ‘Permanent Places Agreement’ with you, which guarantees your child’s places every half term. Giving you peace of mind, knowing the sessions you need will always be available to you.

Please call our Bookings Team on 01276 21884 for more information.

A ‘casual booking’ refers to bookings made as and when you need them and you do not hold a ‘Permanent Places Agreement’ which guarantees your sessions on an ongoing basis.

Bookings for breakfast club sessions can be made up until 1pm the working day before the childcare is required, subject to availability. Bookings can be made online or by calling our Bookings Team on 01276 21884.

A variety of cereal, fruit and toast will be on offer each morning. Drinking water and juice is always available.

Breakfast is optional and if you would prefer your child to have breakfast prior to attending the club, please notify us on drop off.

For venue specific transfer arrangements (Walking Bus, On Foot) please see the relevant venue page. Please find below the general procedure for each transfer type: 

Walking Bus – A ‘walking bus’ refers to breakfast clubs where we escort the children from the school where the club is hosted to a nearby school. At least two members of the KOOSA Kids team will walk your children safely to their school and sign them over to a member of school staff at a pre-arranged location within the school (usually the school reception). All children and staff will wear high visibility bibs to ensure they are visible at all times.

On Foot – If the breakfast club is located at your school, your children will either make their own way to their classes at a pre-agreed time or they will be escorted by KOOSA Kids to a pre-arranged location within the school (usually the school reception) and signed over to a member of school staff, depending on the agreed set up with each school.

There are always a minimum of two members of staff on duty at each KOOSA Kids, at all times. The legal Ofsted requirement for adult:children ratios are 1:30, however, we always endeavour to work to a ratio of 1:8 for children aged four to seven years and a maximum of 1:16 for children aged eight and over. We do not allow any care that we provide to children aged eight to 13 years to adversely affect the care provided for children less than eight years of age. This might result in the activity programme being tailored toward the EYFS curriculum where necessary.

We know that great staff make for a great club. All of our coaches possess the mixture of experience, skill and personality necessary to get the most from the children, whilst ensuring all the activities are delivered in a safe and organised manner.

All KOOSA Kids coaches are cleared with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and trained in safeguarding and child protection, activity delivery, behaviour management and health & safety. There will always be at least one Paediatric First Aid trained person at each club.

Although there is no legal requirement to ensure staff are qualified, KOOSA Kids believe formal qualifications play an important part in ensuring the care offered is of the highest quality as well assisting our employees Continued Professional Development.

At each KOOSA Kids club, the Regional Coordinator will always be qualified to a minimum of Level 3 in Playwork or equivalent. We endeavour to ensure that at least one other member of staff at each club holds a Level 3 in Playwork or equivalent, with the aim for 50% of the remaining staff at each club to be qualified to Level 2 in Playwork or equivalent.

Some of our breakfast clubs are fully registered with Ofsted, others are school run clubs supported by KOOSA Kids. Although these clubs are not registered with Ofsted, we continue to support the clubs as if they were registered.

For more information, please see our Ofsted page.

KOOSA Kids are only able to accept and administer prescribed medication. If your child is likely to require prescribed medication of any sort throughout the day, please inform the site manager on arrival, who will complete the necessary paperwork. All medication should be handed to the site manager and must be in its original packaging, with the prescription label. 

If your child may require emergency medication (e.g. EpiPens or hypodermic injections) whilst they are with us, we may require you to complete specific paperwork prior to your child attending. Please contact KOOSA Kids head office on 01276 21884 to inform us of your child’s requirements and to complete the relevant paperwork before your child attends.

Please note, if your child carries an EpiPen, you will need to provide KOOSA Kids with two, in-date EpiPens. KOOSA Kids reserve the right to refuse admission if fewer than two EpiPens are supplied, or if the supplied EpiPens are not in full working order (e.g. cloudy or discoloured liquid). Both EpiPens must be in-date, in their original packaging and be prescribed to your child. It is the parents responsibility to collect the EpiPens from the breakfast club at the end of each period.

We are unable to share medication with your child's school. We recommend asking your child's GP for extra medication so we can store it directly at the after school/breakfast club premises. Please note, we will be unable to accept your child into our care without the required medication being present at the relevant club.

Due to safeguarding procedures, we can not allow the use of electronic devices (phones or hand held games) with a camera. Please be aware that if your child attends KOOSA Kids with such a device, they will be asked to keep it in their bag for the entire session. We recommend that children do not bring any expensive belongings with them, as we cannot be held responsible for their damage or loss.

KOOSA Kids breakfast clubs only run when the schools are open. We do not cover inset days. During every school holidays, we operate Holiday Clubs across Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Richmond. Please view our Holiday Clubs pages to find your local club.

Unfortunately bookings for breakfast club sessions can not be cancelled or moved. If your child is not going to attend their booked session(s), please contact us as soon as possible so we can amend our registers and notify relevant staff.

If your child is not able to attend the club for more than 3 consecutive sessions due to sickness or injury, we can issue you a credit note for the remaining missed sessions once we have received a doctor’s note confirming the sickness / injury. We will not be able to issue a credit note without a doctor’s note. KOOSA Kids do not offer cash refunds for any cancellations. Credit notes are valid for a 12 month period and can be used for either holiday or term time bookings.

Being fully Ofsted registered, KOOSA Kids accepts all types of childcare voucher as full or part payment towards your bookings. Please speak to your employer to find out which childcare voucher company they are registered with.

Most childcare voucher companies allow you to transfer voucher payments to us through their online portals. We recommend this as the easiest way to make your voucher payments.

Please click here for detailed information on how to pay us with childcare vouchers, including a full list of voucher providers we are registered with and their unique payment reference numbers. We kindly ask parents to transfer their vouchers on the day of booking, and within 3 working days. If you no longer require your sessions, please call us on 01276 21884 so we can cancel them for you.

If your voucher provider is not listed, please call us on 01276 21884 so we can register with them.

As KOOSA Kids Ltd is an Ofsted Registered childcare provider, you may be able to subsidise the cost of childcare through the following government schemes, if you are eligible:

Working Tax Credit - Nine out of ten families could save up to 80% of childcare costs through Working Tax Credit. For more information call 0845 300 3900 or visit https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/approved-childcare.

The Money Saving Expert website has a very user friendly section on their website regarding ways to pay for childcare, which includes a tax credit eligibility calculator https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/childcare-costs

Childcare Vouchers - Childcare Vouchers allow employers to help their employees with the cost of childcare. Childcare Vouchers are exempt from National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and Income Tax for employees up to the value of £55 per week, which can mean savings of over £2000 a year for a couple who are both working. All employers are able to run a childcare voucher scheme and employers make considerable savings too. Why not ask your employer if they currently run or would be prepared to run a childcare voucher scheme. Remember KOOSA Kids also offer third child goes free and 8% weekly booking discounts. 

For further information, please see the following websites:



Start and finish times for KOOSA Kids breakfast clubs vary per school. Please see the individual venue pages for specific breakfast club start times.

We operate a strict and secure drop off and collection system and it is necessary for a parent/guardian to sign all children in every morning. On your first drop off at the start of each new school term, you will be asked to check a form to ensure we have the correct contact details for you, as well as providing us with consent to administer/arrange medical treatment in case of an emergency.

Why choose KOOSA Kids for your holiday, after school and breakfast club childcare?
  • Outstanding, fun-filled out of school childcare
  • Always offered at the lowest possible cost
  • Exceptional Ofsted track record with 10 clubs rated ‘Outstanding'
  • Dynamic, caring & fully DBS checked staff
  • Wide range of fun-packed activities to suit all ages, tastes & interests
  • Exceptional Value 
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Unlimited Fun

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