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KOOSA Kids provide Ofsted 'Outstanding' childcare at exceptional value, every school day!
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High quality, reliable & affordable after school childcare, every school day.

KOOSA Kids is a leading provider of before and after school club childcare, as well as holiday childcare, across Berkshire, Hampshire, Richmond & Surrey. Fully Ofsted registered, our ethos is to deliver high quality childcare for busy, working parents, every school day from the time school finishes, until 6.00pm. KOOSA Kids have been running Ofsted registered after school clubs, breakfast clubs and holiday clubs for nearly 20 years.

We understand that at the end of a busy school day, your children might be tired or want to let off steam. Our after school clubs therefore have a relaxed feel, giving children the choice to take part in a large selection of games and activities (indoors and outdoors), catch up with old friends or make new ones.

At all KOOSA Kids After School Clubs and to fill the gap between lunch and dinner, children are offered a healthy snack every afternoon, made up of fresh fruit or vegetables and a carbohydrate (e.g. crumpets, toast, wraps etc).

KOOSA Kids also run Breakfast Clubs and Holiday Clubs across the same regions. 

KOOSA Kids are proud to have achieved more Ofsted Outstanding ratings than any other comparable provider.

High Quality Childcare, Proud to be rated Outstanding 17 Times by Ofsted!

Since inception in 2005, our passion to deliver high quality after school club, holiday club & breakfast club childcare has remained the core driver for every member of the KOOSA Kids team. We work hard to consistently deliver the highest level of childcare, constantly reviewing and improving practice, listening to and acting upon feedback from children, staff and parents with a focus on not only meeting, but exceeding the regulatory requirements set out by Ofsted.

It is particularly rewarding that Ofsted continue to recognise these efforts, with seventeen of our clubs having been awarded Ofsted highest grade possible ‘Outstanding’, setting the standards for the out of school childcare industry.

We are extremely proud of our Ofsted inspection track record and have achieved more Ofsted Outstanding ratings than any comparable wraparound childcare provider!

Securing New Spaces at KOOSA Kids After School Clubs

Sessions for KOOSA Kids breakfast clubs and/or after school clubs can be booked on an ad hoc basis, as and when you need them. Breakfast Club sessions can be booked by 1pm and After School Club sessions can be booked by 6pm the working day before you need them, subject to availability. If you require childcare on a more permanent basis, we can contract the days you require through a Permanent Places Agreement, guaranteeing your sessions on an ongoing basis.

Exceptional Value, Outstanding Quality, Unlimited Fun!

KOOSA Kids Breakfast, After School & Holiday Clubs offer High Quality Childcare, Every School Day

After School Club Activities

Every afternoon, we offer a variety of activities at our after school clubs to suit your children’s needs and energy levels.

Whether they simply want to sit quietly and read a book, enjoy some creative time at one of our art tables or play with their friends inside or outside, our after school club team will accommodate their needs and help them enjoy their time at KOOSA Kids.

  • Freetime Zone
  • Discovery & Endeavour Zones
  • Special Activities
Children get a chance to choose what activity to take part in during Free Time Zone, following a busy school day.
Unlimited FUN at KOOSA Kids after school clubs, every school day!

Free Time Zone lets your child choose what they wish to do at the end of a busy school day.

We understand that at the end of a busy school day, children are often tired and may just want to chill out during their time with us. For this reason, we schedule in Free Time Zone every day, straight after school until 4.15pm and last thing (5.15pm until 6.00pm). 

During Free Time Zone children are able to choose what they want to do. There is a choice of playing board games, drawing, reading, Lego, Giant Jenga, puzzles, extensive art areas, watching a DVD and Playstation Zone (at limited times), Homework areas (optional) or just simply relaxing with friends. 

Between the two Free Time Zones, the children may either choose to take part in a group activity from our Discovery & Endeavour Zone, or have supervised Free Play, utilising the extensive range of equipment we have available at each of our after school clubs. Weather permitting, we always aim to take the children outside during their time with us.

Choose from hundreds of kids activities during from our Discovery & Endeavour Zones!
Unlimited FUN at KOOSA Kids after school clubs, every school day!

Discovery & Endeavour Zones enable your child to take part in a fun group activity.

Each after school club session gives children the option to take part in an organised activity from either our Discovery or Endeavour Zone. 

There are hundreds of kids activities to choose from and these might include Clay Moulding, Lego Building, Cricket, Hockey, Golf, Football, Relays, Parachute Games, Bug Hunting, Painting/Drawing, Role Play and much, much more!  

The group as a whole will decide each afternoon which activity to play. Alternatively, we offer free play as an organised activity, where the children choose exactly what they wish to take part in from a selection of equipment made available by the staff.

Meeting the local Fire Brigade Crew at one of KOOSA Kids Special Activities!
Unlimited FUN at KOOSA Kids after school clubs, every school day!

Special Activities provide unique opportunities for your child to learn & explore the world around them.

On top of the activities on offer each day in our Free Time and Discovery & Endeavour Zones, we also arrange occasional visits from community groups in the local area. For instance, visits from Local Fire and Police Crews have been a big hit with the children at our after school club in the last few years! 

The crews who attend our after school clubs are fantastic. Often the children are given the chance to sit in the fire engine, try on the uniform and accessories and even operate the hoses! They really do have a fabulous time when the emergency services arrive! 

Additionally, we support national charity events like Children in Need and Red Nose Day as well as awareness campaigns such as Road Safety Awareness Week and World Book Day. Where possible, we will also give children the opportunity to enter national competitions, e.g. the Games Inventor Competition.

Kind Words

KOOSA Kids offer high quality childcare at our breakfast, after school and holiday clubs, all year round.

Outstanding Quality


Times Rated ‘Outstanding’

See all of our OFSTED reports

After School Club Costs

All KOOSA Kids After School Clubs run from when school finishes until 6pm and are charged per session, per child.

You can book single or multiple sessions up to 6pm the working day before you need them or, if you require after school club childcare on a more permanent basis, we can offer you an agreement to guarantee your sessions each half term.

Please see individual venue pages for the price of your local after school club venue.

KOOSA Kids After School Clubs offer Fun Kids Activities, Every School Day.
KOOSA Kids After School Clubs offer Fun Kids Activities, Every School Day.
Call our Bookings Team on 01276 21884 for more information


Booking your after school club sessions is very easy! Simply log into your account and follow the easy to navigate bookings steps. If you are using KOOSA Kids for the first time, you will need to register an account and provide us with all the relevant information requested. You will only have to do this once. Alternatively, please call us on 01276 21884 and we will be happy to register your account and take your booking over the phone. You can contact us by phone from 9.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Bookings can be made up to 6pm the working day before you need them or, if you require childcare on a more permanent basis, we can set up an agreement for you to guarantee your sessions each week. Click here for more information.

From September 2021, KOOSA Kids breakfast clubs and after school clubs will continue to operate with the COVID-19 Protective Measures as set out by the Department for Education. This will include enhanced cleaning protocols, a focus on ventilation, as well as encouraging good hand hygiene for staff and children and promoting the 'Catch It, Bin It, Kill It' guidance. 

KOOSA Kids take the health and wellbeing of the children in our care, and that of our staff, extremely seriously. All our clubs will follow the clear & workable sector-specific guidance provided by the Department for Education to continue operating in a safe & Covid-Secure way. 

Below you will find some of the protective measures that will be in place across all our clubs from September:

  • We have introduced greatly enhanced daily cleaning routines, including regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.
  • We will be promoting good hygiene practices with children and staff to include frequent hand washing and adopting the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' approach.
  • The activities and resources provided will be adapted for hygiene reasons and ease of cleaning.
  • Where the weather allows, staff and children will spend as much time outside as possible.

During After School Club sessions, a member of the KOOSA Kids team will sign the child in when they arrive from school by documenting the time. Parents can collect their child at a time that suits them, any time during the after school club session and by 6pm at the latest. A late fee may be charged if children are collected after 6pm. See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

All children have to be signed out of the club at the end of the session. Children on the Compulsory and Voluntary Ofsted Childcare Registers can be signed out by an older sibling, as long as they are at least 14 - 17 years old and KOOSA Kids have prior written consent from the Child’s legal guardian. The child’s legal guardian or another named adult can of course also sign a child out.

Children on the EYFS Ofsted register have to be collected and signed out by one of the adults that have been named as a ‘permitted collector’ in the child ‘All About Me EYFS’ pack.

In all cases, the person collecting must be able to produce the unique ID number related to your child's booking for that day.

Your unique ID code is your booking reference, a 6-digit code starting with KK, which you can find on your booking confirmation. Please note, booking references change with each booking. If you hold a Permanent Places Agreement, your booking reference will change each half term.

Please note, only children aged 10 years or over are permitted to sign themselves out of an after school club with prior written consent from the child's legal guardian.

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Why choose KOOSA Kids for your holiday, after school and breakfast club childcare?
Why choose KOOSA Kids for your out of school child care? Exceptional Value, Outstanding Quality, Unlimited Fun!
  • Outstanding, fun-filled out of school childcare
  • Always offered at the lowest possible cost
  • Exceptional Ofsted track record with 10 clubs rated ‘Outstanding'
  • Dynamic, caring & fully DBS checked staff
  • Wide range of fun-packed activities to suit all ages, tastes & interests
  • Exceptional Value 
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Unlimited Fun

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